Since my first pedagogical efforts as violin teacher I have thought of presenting a comprehensive universal violin method. This project was subjected to the most diverse influences, went through various transformations and stages of development, and seems even decades later still far from a definitive realization.

A first small book was written between 1974 and 1976. It contains 30 duets for teacher and pupil, occupied principally with the formation of tone and rhythm on the violin, using only the open strings. Even though I had hidden a tone row of Schoenberg’s in the material I used, the duets sound rather as if they were descended from the style of Bartók.

These duets are stylistically different from those of the second volume, which are characterized by an increase in demand on violin technique and by the use of compositionally individual harmonic structures

By adding small exercises and 8 ensemble pieces, this small book has grown into a full-fledged volume.

It will be the first of a projected eight volumes, which in turn will form the first of a tripartite violin method »from the beginning stages to mastery«.

Two further parts, one entitled »Training for the professional violinist«, and one entirely devoted to virtuoso violinists, are planned.

The Miniatures and ensemble pieces of the first volume carry the opus number 26 I. You can listen to some of the pieces here.