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The earliest work on the CD, »Hommage à un temps perdu«, was written before Staar had begun to occupy himself with the music of Schoenberg, Berg, and Webern. The impact of the Second Viennese School can then be discerned in the orchestral piece »Just an Accident?« (awarded the Ernst Krenek Prize of the City of Vienna) and in the two short homages »Ständchen« and »Sitzchen«, written for Krenek’s 85th birthday. But the CD also includes works written after this realization of stylistic independence. Here Staar structures his work into various work complexes, each of which has an individual significance and delivers an individual statement, to which the single pieces are subordinated. One example is the work cycle »Divertissements Suisses«, op. 10, several pieces of which are presented here. Another is the large cycle op. 22, in which Staar unites a large group of works that he refers to as »my own Theory of Harmony«, a group which includes the work »La Fontaine du Sang«. The last piece on the CD has its context and origin in Staar’s pedagogical projects: experimental violin pieces in various quarter tone tunings, a kind of byproduct of the Violin Method in several volumes on which Staar is currently working.


Just an Accident? A Requiem for Anton Webern and other Victims of the Absurd op. 9 (1983–85)
for narrator, soprano, jazzo combo and large orchestra
Marisol Montalvo, soprano
Dale Duesing, narrator
Wiener Philharmoniker
Daniel Harding, conductor

Epilogue to Just an Accident? op. 9 ter (1983)
René Staar, violin
Harald Ossberger, piano

Ständchen und Sitzchen auf den Namen Ernst Krenek op. 14/1 (1985)
René Staar, violine and piano



La Fontaine de Sang op. 22b (1992–2001)
Tibor Kováč, violin
Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin
Peter Hirsch, conductor

Hommage à un temps perdu op. 6 (1980/81)
René Staar, violin
Harald Ossberger, piano

Quartet for alto saxophone, trumpet in C and two trombones (op. 29 IV H Nr. 1) from: Perspectives of Parallel and Contrary Movements, from op. 29 (2007)
Andreas Eitzinger, trombone
Johannes Ettlinger, trombone
Roman Rindberger, trumpet
Peter Rohrsdorfer, alto saxophone
René Staar, conductor


From: Divertissements Suisses op. 10 (1996/97)
II. Air pour Dieter
III. Mouvement Perpetuel à la mode de Jean Tinguely
Dieter Flury, flute
Gabriela Mossyrsch, harp
Petra Ackermann, Viola

ViolinMicroMix op. 26 I ter (2010)
1 Reminiscence of Kunitachi
2 Nordische Spielmänner
3 Slow Mazurka in jazz style
4 Sentimental Melody
5 Spring Song
6 Clowns
7 Chagall's Violin
8 Country Fair
René Staar, violin