Several pieces from the first volume of the Violin Method are here presented in new arrangements, as had previously been done in the Balkan Mosaic.

The movements are:

  1. Walking Rag
  2. Dancing Rag
  3. Euro Samba
  4. Birthday Rag

Three ragtimes and a samba: therefore the peculiar title 3R1S. As with the Balkan Mosaic, there will ultimately be several versions.

The first of these versions (2012, op. 26, I, quarter, a) was produced for a performance by the musician families Koncz and Ottensamer in the Vienna Musikverein, and arranged for three clarinets, violin, cello, and piano. It differs from the original version for two violins primarily in matters of harmony. But form and duration have also been emphatically transformed, to the point where one can speak of a new composition.


Published by Edition Contemp Art (Verlagsgruppe Hermann),
Obtainable via
Product number: VGH 1985-71 (Score and parts)