Version for string quintet, clarinet, and harp Score (Extract, Pdf)
Version for string quintet, clarinet, and piano Score (Extract, Pdf)

Premiere of the version with piano: January 2012
Duration: ca. 5 minutes


The creation and successful performances of the Sephardic Airs by Tibor Kovacs' The Philharmonics ensemble with the wonderful improvisations by Shkelzen Doli, provided me with an incentive to write another piece in a similar style: Les Deux Diables is a Romanian hora that exhibits permanent changes in harmony. In this »quasi« double concerto for 2 violins, the ambivalence of major and minor thirds and sixths is savored even more than in the Sephardic Airs, and the harmony has become even more complex.

Thus far, realizations have not followed the musical text with all its interconnections; the piece has been subjected to levelling interventions by its interpreters. The first performance of the original text is still pending – as is also the case with the Sephardic Airs.