Epitaph for a great friend and composer

»A Wladimir Pantschev, nel 75° anniversario della nascita«

»for the 75th anniversary of Wladimir Pantschev's birthday«

for solo violin
Duration: 5’02’’

From a network of sophisticated arpeggios on open strings, and especially a and d, emerge the three notes es-c-h [in English terminology: e flat, c, b natural], to which the note e is added. From these six musical letters (a-d-es-c-h-e) [a-d-e flat-c-b natural, e], a two-part rhythmic structure is introduced that condenses into variable meters and consists of single notes. The note g appears in different octave positions (also in harmonics) and gradually leads into the nucleus of the piece, a Bulgarian folk chant in 2/4 meter and a 5-measure period. This chant in a-b-a form harbors various harmonic formations of the melody. This course of development is then reversed, appearing in a varied inversion as if in a mirror, and is finally reduced (again) to the musical letters of the dedicatee's name in the coda.