For high voices a cappella
Duration: 2'30''

Windgriff   (Hans Magnus Enzensberger)     June 6, 1972     0'42'' 
II  Das Knie (Christian Morgenstern) September/October 1972     0'38''
III  Lichter (René Staar) January 10, 1973   0'49''
The choral poems are one of the works with which I entered the competition for the composition diploma at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. The text for the third poem was written during a night train ride, triggered by the observation of passing lights. My output, which was still very small at that time, would only later - through the encounter with Leonard Bernstein and Roman Haubenstock-Ramat receive the impulse which would be very stimulating for my compositional work. (René Staar)