STÄNDCHEN op. 14/1a

For solo violin
Premiere: 1985, »Carinthischer Sommer«, played by René Staar
Duration: ca. 5 minutes
Score: ECA Nr. 71004 Score (Extract, Pdf)

SITZCHEN op. 14/1b

For piano solo
Premiere: 1988, University of California at Santa Barbara, played by René Staar
Duration: ca. 4 minutes
Score: ECA Nr. 71005 Score (Extract, Pdf)
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Sitzchen auf den Namen Ernst Krenek

René Staar - Sitzchen auf den Namen Ernst Krenek

Recorded May 3rd 2006, Schönberg-Haus in Mödling
René Staar, piano


»Ständchen« is the German word for »Serenade«, which is related to the word »Stehen«, which means »Standing«. Therefore, I invented the word »Sitzchen«, which would mean »to serenade from a sitting position«.

I composed these two work for the 85th birthday of Ernst Krenek, the first for violin (to be played standing), the second for piano (to be played, of course, sitting). The half-step E-E flat-E inherent in Ernst Krenek's name became a horizontal motif in the violin piece and a vertical line in the piano piece. In the Ständchen, the opening and its repetitions are lyrically conceived as a »chorus«, whereas the contrasting interludes in dance-like manner combine elements of the »old« and »new« worlds to portray Krenek's multi-facetted life between two continents. March-like and resounding bells characterize the appearance of the piano piece.